LandPro Express is a secure, online lease records management tool geared for field landmen. It allows the landman to quickly setup leases, tracts, mineral ownership records, and chain of title instruments. Then quickly generates clear, proven-useful reports, including Lease Data Sheets, Lease Purchase Reports, Mineral Ownership Reports, Leasehold Summary Reports, Leases, Memorandum of Leases, Lease Schedules, various types of Exhibit A's, Title Runsheets by tract, Excel reports, and more.
The program also allows the field landman (with administrative rights) to "export" the data to Excel, so that it can be used by any land management system for import purposes. For example, Visual Landpro 2000 (see has an optional "Broker Import Module" which allows the LandPro Express data to be imported, thus saving the lease analyst time.
LandPro Express allows you to copy and modify existing Lease Templates and Lease Forms, in order to expedite data entry and lease generation. Records can also be saved as "View-Only" thus minimizing the possibility of other brokers in your company making changes to your records. Total "View-Only" login accounts are also available.
A Document Imaging Module is also available as an option. This allows the field landman to upload PDF documents and Images and attach them to one or more properties. For example, any scanned deeds, letters, maps, can be quickly attached to tracts, leases, prospects, name & address records, and more.
Program Features
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Land Managers:
Review and monitor your brokers' progress and get immediate access to your data. Why pay your Lease Analyst hundreds of dollars to "re-enter" data that your field broker is already familiar with, and has already charged you for? SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars a week by having ALL your field brokers set up their data immediately in LandPro Express. You and they will be able to quickly generate Leases, Memorandum of Leases, LPR's, Mineral Ownership Reports, Exhibit A's, Title History Reports, Acreage Inventory Reports, Special Provision Status Reports, Custom Reports, Custom Lease Templates, and much, much more! If you like what VISUAL LANDPRO 2000 can do... you will LOVE what we've done in LandPro Express!
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