At LANDPRO CORP we consider it our responsibility to listen to our clients and find new ways to add value to their operations.  That's why we offer a wide array of software for the industry.  Field landmen start out using LandPro Express (data entry, generate leases, run reports).  Their clients can also be set up to review data, run reports, export data to Excel, then finally import it into Visual LandPro 2000  (or other land systems with Excel import capabilities) - thus saving invaluable time.

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Create numerous reports, including:
  • Oil & Gas Leases, Mining Leases
  • Memorandum of Lease
  • Lease Purchase Reports (LPRs)
  • Exhibit A's (various)
  • Lease Data Sheets
  • Various Lease Schedules
  • Mineral Ownership Reports
  • Leasehold Summary Reports
  • Tract Data Sheets / Title Runsheets
  • Title Instrument Data Sheets
  • Owner Data Sheets
  • Owner Status Reports
  • Custom "Snapshop" Reports
  • and more...

Various Login License Types Available
Super Administrator
Regular User
View-Only / Reports Only
Can make record "private" so other brokers in your organization cannot modify / delete.

Document Imaging Module (optional)
This allows the field landman to upload PDF documents and Images and attach them to one or more properties. For example, any scanned deeds, letters, maps, can be quickly attached to tracts, leases, prospects, name & address records, and more.
Program Features
Set up Leases, Tracts, Title Instruments
Mineral & Surface Ownership Records
Customize Lease Templates
Easy Data Retrieval Capabilities
Easy Export to Excel Capabilities
Click here to request more information
Click here to request more information
Report Samples:
  Instrument Data Sheets (COT)
  Lease Data Sheets
  Tract Data Sheets
  Owners Data Sheets
  Lease Purchase Reports
  Various Lease Schedules
  Tract Mineral Ownership Reports
  Leasehold Summary Reports
  Memorandum of Leases
  Lease Exhibit A's